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All About Thai Massage Spa Center Near Me
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  • 2022-03-14

All About Thai Massage Best Spa Centre in Pune

Amid stress and tension, we all want some relaxation, right? So what's better than booking a Thai massage at our spa center near me. We can understand, you want to know more about this buzzing massage in India. So here is a blog. 

What is Thai Massage? 

Traditionally, we just love to get massages, isn’t it? Who does not like a soft hand slipping on their body making them refreshed mentally, physically, and emotionally? 

Thai massage got its name from the origination place that is Thailand. You must have heard or read people going there in their bachelorhood for massages. 

In this unique massage, the therapists do use any massage oils or lotions. Its focus is on the healing power and energy flow in your body by regulating the channels. 

It is believed that Thai massage activates the seven of our bodies chakras is 

1. Root Chakra
2. Sacral Chakra
3. Heart Chakra
4. Throat Chakra
5. Crown Chakra
6. Third eye Chakra
7. Solar Plexus 

These chakras are known for creating good energy flow in the body. In Thai massage, the internal organs get more oxygen, and that transforms into a long, and healthy life.  The message therapies at the spa center near me, remove the blockage from the chakras and Improve your chi energy. 

Various Yoga Poses in the Thai Massage 

Thai massage greatly emphasizes yoga poses and some of them as 

Bridge Pose 

Therapists choose this pose firstly for relieving muscle pain, stress and knots. Here you are asked to sit like a bridge for two to three minutes. 

Back Press Post 

Thai massage therapists at the spa center near me ask you to hold your hands backside. By doing that, you treat the pain in the backside of the hop, and knots in the muscles get relieved. 

Cobra Pose 

Here you sit in the kind Kobra-like pose with assistance from the therapist. It is good for the shoulder, back, and chest. 

Benefits of Thai Massage 

Stress Relief 

This is the primary benefit of every massage but Thai massage alleviates the stress more. It does not just relax you at the time of massage, even after that the secretion of stress hormones reduces. You can say, you get long life relief from stress through regular Thai massage. 

Muscle Flexibility and Pain Relaxation 

Muscles too get tired and weary after long hours of work. Thai massage improves muscle flexibility and you get relief from pain. 

Good for Overall Health 

Thai massage helps in controlling heart rate, and blood pressure. The immunity increases thus you fall ill less often. 


We’re hopeful that you’ve got good information about Thai massage. Now it's time to book a special Thai session at spa center near me. Book your appointment and get to experience the best time for yourself.



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